Towing Tips

The team at Mitsubishi know that the Pajero Sport delivers all the pulling power you need. However, different types of loads mean you need to take different towing approaches. So play it safe before heading off on your next adventure, check out all their tips and tricks for towing something small, medium and large.

 Under the Metal

Take a closer look at the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with Barry Du Bois and see if it’s up to being in your stable as your next tow car.

Vehicle Running Cost

Four Mitsubishi Motors models have been identified as the most economical cars to own and operate in their class according to the 2018 Vehicle Running Costs study conducted by Australia’s motoring organisations.

According to data issued by the RACV, Triton GLX (4x2 and 4x4), Pajero Sport GLX, Outlander PHEVLS and Mirage ES all recorded the lowest running costs per week in their respective segments, proving that the Mitsubishi range extends its value-for-money appeal long after a customer leaves the dealership.

Pajero Sport GLX achieved the best-in-class result in the All-Terrain SUV category with running costs at $237 per week on average, whilst the Triton GLX results suggest owners can enjoy less work and more play, running at just $210.99 per week for the 4x2 and $225.95 for the 4x4 drivetrain.

Horse Tow Test

Towing live cargo is different to any other type of towing. Sure, you want a powerful car that can tow your float, saddlery and horses but it also needs to be a smooth ride and of course, safe. Mitsubishi Motors know cars and towing but horses are a different story so they have enlisted the help of experienced horse tower and horseman Pauly Daniel from Daniel-Tessari Horse Reflections to test out their most popular tow cars with his horses.

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